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My new web site.

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Welcome, my new web site is still being revised and some galleries are still building.  Please feel free to browse and make comments as you feel moved to.  To make a comment click on the little box above comment on the home page  here and the reply box should appear.  Say what you want but be kind and civil.

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Mediterranean cruise – may 2014

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Left from Rome Italy, sailed along Amalfi coast, from there sailed to Athens, Santorini, Malta, Ephesus, Mykonos, Pompei, Chania and then back to Venice Italy.

Athens (57)

Athens, Greece

Mykonos D (60)

Mykonos, Greece








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Photobook choices

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My wife has been creating photobooks for some time now and has used Blurb, Shutterfly and Adorama.
Here are the results that we have found on each:

Blurb Good prices and average photo quality but paper choices do make a difference in photo quality.
Shutterfly Good templets
Adorama Great photo quality on thick photo paper as pages. Turn around time from submission to delivery is 4 days from out last production experience.

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My earthly angel

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Shower from work

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Kicking socialism out the front door and letting it in the back

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Government that we pay taxes to support and represent us, has it seems, grown so big it has a hunger for itself.  Should government be creating jobs or should that be a result of the private sector.  I thought that in our capitalistic society we shouldn’t be supporting failure but it seems that government is moving to pay for all endeavors whether successful or not.  Is this redistribution of wealth?  What do you think?

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Reformed theology – what is it?

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Reformed theology came out of the Reformation and in particular the theology of John Calvin (1509-1564), although its roots go back to Augustine (345-430), it was formulated by the puritans, especially in the Westminster confession of faith (1646). This Confession is the enduring fruit of the solemn Assembly of some 100 leading Puritan divines, convened at Westminster Abbey in London from July 1, 1643 through to Feb.,1649. Other reformed confessions: Belgic (1580), Baptist (1689), 39 Articles of the Church of England – Anglican and Episcopal (1571, 1662, 1801)

Reformed theology emphasizes God rather than  man being centered (Arminian). God chose us rather than we chose God, only those chosen by God will come to him and those who come to him he will not be cast out.  Reformed theology is sometimes called covenant theology being based on the covenants of redemption (within the trinity), works (made with Adam) and grace (made with sinners). The idea of unconditional election means that there is nothing within us, even in God’s foreknowledge of us that moved Him to elect us. His choice of election was based on His good pleasure and wisdom and not on anything good or bad in us i.e. it is not conditional on us, hence our election is unconditional. Reformed theology places regeneration before faith. The perseverance of the saints or preservation of the saints effectively means once saved always saved.

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4th Commandment

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With all the talk today about needing to study and follow the ten commandments for sanctification why are we not observing the 4th-Honor the Sabbath.  So many examples  of Christians after the resurrection worshiping and following the sabbath commandment why do we try and follow the other nine and not the one honoring the sabbath?  Sunday is not the Sabbath.

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